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Kylaan And The Stones Of Destiny - Living, Surviving, Dreaming - Temporary Title is a parodic action RPG revolving around the epic fate of Urbain, a brave peasant set on saving his village from a deadly threat. You may download it for free by clicking the following link:

Download Kylaan And The Stones Of Destiny - Living, Surviving, Dreaming - Temporary Title

Here are the main features you will profit from, should you choose to become the proud owner of this product:

  • A breath-taking adventure that will keep you playing for over nine thousands seconds!
  • Legendary weapons to be discovered, such as the Daemonbane Stool, the Shovel of Elemental Arcanes or the Broom of Mass Annihilation!
  • An incredible variety of enemies, including but not limited to humans, rodents, and more humans!
  • Choice of the in-game language from a large panel including and limited to English and French!
  • 8 possible movement directions!
  • Over 80 characters per line!
  • New formula, now with more bytes!
  • A whole multiplayer mode entirely free and nonexistent!
  • Zero hours of entirely dubbed and full HD cinematics!
  • Guaranteed much funnier than mowing the lawn, washing dishes or tumbling to one's death!
  • Over 500 000 pixels simultaneously used!
  • Guaranteed refund if you find a cheaper game anywhere else!
  • More colours than you will ever be able to count!
  • Thousands of hours of gameplay! (provided you ever decide to finish the game a thousand times)
  • A revolutionary physics engine with no less than two dimensions to browse!
  • Over ten quintillions atoms in the universe!
  • An elevated number of kilobytes per megabyte (over 1000)!
  • More than 20 lines of characteristics in this list!
  • In fact, I'm pretty sure no one's gonna read this until the end, so I can write whatever I want!
  • Last, but not least: in this game, you'll find cabbage and carrots!

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